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Getting Started: Your First Week at Work

Welcome aboard! We're excited to have you with us!

TO DO List:

  1. Complete the New Hire Personal Information Form sent by Library HR for entry into the UCPath Payroll System.
  2. Complete the Universal background check sent to you via email
  3. Complete Section 1 of the I9 which is automatically sent via email after successful hire in UCPath.
  4. Request a complimentary "first day" parking permit from Library HR.
  1. Meet with Ryan George or Brandyn Gibson in Library Human Resources (Administration 3rd Floor)
    1. Create your UCSBNetID and password
    2. Enroll in Duo multi-factor authentication
    3. Logon to campus/UC services with your UCSBnetID and password
      1. UCPath
      2. Connect Email (Gmail) and Connect Calendar (Google calendar)
      3. Kronos timekeeping system (access with Google Chrome Web Browser)
    4. Review our Employment Life Cycle
  2. Turn your UCSB Campus ID / Access Card into a library card at the Services Desk
  3. Transportation and Parking 
    1. After creating a parking account online you may purchase a permit at TPS (Transportation & Parking Services) – OR -- 
    2. join the TAP (Transportation Alternative Program)
  4. Tour your department and meet your colleagues!
  5. Set up your phone voice greeting and learn how to access your messages.
  6. Explore Resources for Library Employees. Got questions? Ask a colleague. Who are your colleagues? Check out the Staff Directory
  7. Log-in to your assigned computer/s with your Windows login/password
  8. Log-in to Confluence Wiki  and explore the library's collaborative spaces
  9. Register for a Campus New Employee Orientation webinar.
  10. Plan to attend or view a UCPath Benefits Webinar.
  1. Departmental training 
  2. As time allows, become familiar with the Library's Mission, Vision and ValuesStrategic Roadmap, as well as past newsletters and other library communications (see right-hand column)
  3. Library tour beyond your department (by Director/Supervisor)
  4. Review the Emergency Response Manual & explore the Library Safety and Security Councils wiki pages.
    1. Schedule time with your department DSR to go over the New Employee Checklist.
  5. Begin required compliance trainings (Sexual Harassment, Cyber Security, Ethics, Substance Abuse) via the UC Learning Center
  6. Watch the 'X' Model of Engagement by BlessingWhite to understand how to align your job satisfaction with your job contributions.
  1. Departmental training
  2. Schedule a meeting with your DSR (Department Safety Representative) for a safety tour and evacuation orientation during the first week
  3. Complete the UCSB Online Ergonomic Training & Assessment via UC Learning Center and schedule an office ergonomic evaluation with Building Operations staff (x3220) within first month
  4. Review the Travel Planning and Reimbursement Guidelines
  5. Websites / Information to explore
    1. Library Human Resources
    2. Principles of Community
    3. Environmental Health & Safety
      1. Injury & Illness Prevention Program
    4. Recreation
    5. Staff Assembly
    6. CSAC (Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council)
  6. Review union contract (if applicable)
  7. Contact Library Administration to place an order for business cards.

LAUC-SB website  (Librarian Association of UC Santa Barbara)

LAUC System-wide website

Academic Personnel website 

Mandatory Employment Notices

Workplace Conduct Policies

Worker's Compensation

Leave Administration (for Staff employees)

Leave of Absence (for Academic employees)

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